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McWilliams Electric Company is an electric contractor based out of Schaumburg, Illinois providing over 95 years of quality service.  We provide services in electrical construction, engineering, and maintenance.  In addition, we offer the latest state of the art in electrical innovation to fiber-optics, broadband technology, “smart building” applications, and tele-data work. We can provide everything from supplying complete systems to wiring service, including all tele / data changes, additions, or reductions.

The three variables we deliver to every job is: Service Feeders, High Voltage and Back-Up. Over the years our team has designed and developed a va-riety of installation methods depending on the scope, location, and needs of individual sites for our clientele. We ensure proper installation and terminations to support the building for every job. We ensure to correctly and safely install each system byhaving each of our contractors well-trained and have the appropriate equipment.

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